My Road to Digital Forensics Excellence

Information Overload

Posted by Paul Bobby on November 4, 2008

A question was posed recently concerning the amount of industry information applicable to our job and how does one process all that data without becoming overloaded.
One suggestion I saw made was to use a ‘mind mapper’. I’ve never heard of such a thing – I like tiddlywiki myself, but mind mappers? Sounds kinda Potter-Pensieve like to me. was the place I landed; and even though the software is kinda neat, you can graphically map elements for example, it seems inappropriate for too broad of a category. Provides no searching mechanism; sure it lets you show relationships etc, but I can see that starting with a large “Forensics” blob inthe middle that the thing could get out of hand pretty quick.

I think just throwing data in to a bucket and relying on a good searching mechanism is the best way.


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