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CEIC Day 2 – The Loot Edition

Posted by Paul Bobby on May 19, 2009

So the staple of most conferences: the exhibit hall. A place to get as much loot as possible while trying to avoid all the awkward conversations in which you pretend to be interested in their product. Yep welcome to the technical equivalent of the free food tasting at the grocery store.

Guidance provided the best – as I’d hoped. USB Hub, a t-shirt, and some cool, sticky decal thing to put on my laptop. Guidance today announced their latest product, EnCase Portable. Designed to be booted from a USB thumb drive and to provide some rudimentary collection capability. A typical scenario would be the parole officer requiring a quick search and grab from a parolees’ computer. The last freebie provided was a DVD containing one of the Encase On Demand training offerings – Facebook Chat Investigations.

CelleBrite gave out a 2gig thumb drive – nice form factor. And no malware! CelleBrite (UfedSystem) were promoting their UFED or Universal Forensic Extraction Device for cell phones.

Wiebetech gave us a Mr. Tool Molex cable remover – kinda nifty. I hope they let me get on a plane with it. Wiebetech were promoting their entire product line – always very impressive. My favorite of course was getting to play with the HotPlug device – complete with Mouse Jiggler!

Paraben had a good presence – unfortunately at the back corner in bronze sponsor location. Combined with the wetstone product offerings, their crammed booth was full of paper product sheet giveaways. They were also advertising PFIC – Paraben’s Forensic Innovations Conference. Has anyone ever been to this?


One Response to “CEIC Day 2 – The Loot Edition”

  1. Greg Kelley said

    Yes, I have been to PFIC, I spoke at it last year. I reviewed the conference at

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