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Crackme Solution

Posted by Paul Bobby on July 5, 2009

While I enjoy downloading and understanding the various samples at, I’ll be publishing my code and analytical samples here.

Here’s one sample and the python source code for making the keygen.
Download crackme

#Length check
while (1):
    userID = raw_input("Please enter the user ID (at least 6 characters): ");   
    uLength = len(userID);
    if (uLength > 5):

#UserID passes test
counter = 1;
serial = "";
while (counter < uLength):
    a = ord(userID[counter-1]) * (counter + 1);
    a = abs(a – (ord(userID[counter])*counter));
    while (a < 100):
        a += 100;
    while (a >= 1000):
        a -= 100;
    serial += repr(a);
    counter += 1;

print "Serial: " + serial;

This crackme was developed using Delphi 7. Not sure if this is typical for Delphi programs, but it appears that all the windows calls were statically compiled in to the executable, and so as I was starting to reverse, I had to walk through all sorts of code.

Loading the crackme in to Ida Pro made things a little easier; the flirt capability of IDA Pro was able to identify a lot of the builtin functions.

I still have not identified the definitive approach to reversing simple GUI based crackmes. I don’t want to rely on searching for strings in the code and going backwards up the call tree, I’d prefer the executable to run, and understand where the message handler routine starts. I’ll get there one day.


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